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  • Whats new in iPhone 5S

    Well its that time of the year again , the hype is here so lets analyze whats new in the iPhone 5S and iOS 7. Lets start off with the new changes in iPhone 5S Finger print scanner   These are some images showing the finger...
  • Top 5 Features of Sony Xperia Z

    Even though this year is marked by introduction of some brilliant devices by HTC and Samsung, Sony took the smartphone arena by surprise with the introduction of Xperia Z. This device was announced by Sony in CES 2013 and soon ...
  • What if our Moon was replace by another Planet ?

    Well I stumbled across this video that shows a realistic scale of what other planets would look like if it was replaced by the moon when we look up into the sky at night.  I was amazed and loved seeing especially when I saw ho...
  • the-original-iphone-launched-without-an-app-store-because-jobs-didnt-want-to-deal-with-third-party-developers.jpg

    Apple giving away its Top Paid apps for Free for a LIMITED TIME !

    Some of the most popular paid apps are being offered for free to celebrate Apple’s App Store’s 5th anniversary.   Here are the free apps thanks to Reddit ! Dead Space   $9.99  Free  iOS Universal Infinity Bl...

Naturally Illuminating Trees without electricity

Have you ever imagined walking down the streets at night with nothing else illuminating other than natural bio luminance of trees, yes that is a pretty cool concept and many of us have seen it in the well known movie Avatar dir...

U.S. created a prototype Terminator “Atlas”

Massachusetts company Boston Dynamics constructor military project within the DARPA created the famous Terminator-like robot named “Atlas” (The Agile anthropomorphic Robot). Device and not for military purposes but ...
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