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Apple giving away its Top Paid apps for Free for a LIMITED TIME !

Posted July 8, 2013 by in iOS

Some of the most popular paid apps are being offered for free to celebrate Apple’s App Store’s 5th anniversary.


Here are the free apps thanks to Reddit !

Dead Space   $9.99  Free  iOS Universal
Infinity Blade II  $6.99  Free  iOS Universal
Tiny Wings HD  $2.99  Free  iPad
Tiny Wings  $0.99  Free  iOS iPhone
Where’s My Water  $0.99  Free  iOS Universal
BadLand  $3.99  Free  iOS Universal
Day One (Journal / Diary)  $4.99  Free  iOS Universal
Over  $1.99  Free  iOS Universal
Traktor DJ  $4.99  Free  iOS iPhone
Traktor DJ  $19.99  Free  iPad
Infinity Blade  $5.99  $2.99  iOS Universal
How to Cook Everything  $9.99  Free  iOS Universal
Map My Ride+ – GPS Cycling, Riding,..  $0.99  Free  iOS iPhone
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP  $4.99  Free  iOS Universal
Barefoot World Atlas  $4.99  Free  iOS Universal


Knots 3d                               $1.99  Free  iOS Universal

Other apps that became free :

Galaxy Battles HD  $0.99  Free  iOS Universal
Tesla Wars  HD  $1.99  Free  iOS Universal
EasyBeats 2 PRO  $4.99  $1.99  iOS Universal

if you think the list is incomplete then feel free to post in our forums or comment on this post :)

Also while you are here why not check out some of the cool features in iOS 7 illustrated by the popular Gifs ( jiffs watever)

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    Great list! Thank you! One thing: The EasyBeat 2 PRO app is $1.99 for me instead of free…


      oh ok thanks for letting us know ! will update asasp :) if anyone knows more apps keep the comments coming


    Aww, EasyBeats not free here in the UK for some reason. Still, it’s only £1.49 :P


    “Kilimanjaro” is also free now. Enjoy! ;-)


    nah EasyBeats 2 is free.



    Tesa Ward -> Tesla Wars

    EasyBeat -> EasyBeats


    Full app list (thus far) can be found here:



    Day One Journal (iPhone / iPad) – “A new way to journal. Enter your memories, ideas, events and photos to have them synced to your iPhone and iPad using iCloud or Dropbox.”
    Pure Minutes (iPhone) – International Calling service provider. Check website for ways to get free international talk time.
    Traktor DJ (iPhone / iPad) – “The world’s #1 pro DJ software brings high-impact DJing to iPad”
    Over (iPhone / iPad) – “Add beautiful text and artwork to your photos and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram.”
    Barefoot World Atlas (Universal) – “Barefoot World Atlas is a magical interactive 3D globe that invites children to explore the regions and countries of the world”
    How to cook everything (Universal) – “This first-of-its-kind app of the bestselling cookbook—How to Cook Everything”
    Map My Ride + (iPhone) – “Turn your iPhone into the ultimate cycling computer. Easily track route, speed, distance, calories, time with audio alerts and much more!”
    Wake n Shake Alarm Clock (iPhone) – ”If you suck at getting up in the morning, this “merciless alarm clock” will quickly earn its subtitle by your bedside.”
    Knots 3D (Universal) – “Tie, untie and rotate 85+ knots with your finger in 3D!”


    Tiny Wings (iPhone / iPad) – “You have always dream of flying — but your wings are tiny.”
    Badland (iPhone / iPad) – “Award-winning atmospheric action adventure platformer”
    Sword & Sworcery (iPhone / iPad) – “an exploratory action adventure with an emphasis on audiovisual style”
    Infinity Blade 2 (iPhone / iPad) – “Can you unlock all the mysteries and successfully wield the power of the Infinity Blade in this timeless swordplay adventure?”
    Where’s My Water (iPhone / iPad) – “Each level is a challenging physics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics.”
    The Idiot Test 3 (iPhone) – “Trying to prove that you’re not an idiot? How many times will you fail trying to complete this whacky test? Make a fool out of your friends, family or even your co-workers and make them publish their failure on their Facebook profile.”
    Pig Shot (Universal) – “Start launching pigs off slingshot and experience the fastest pig-rolling action you’ve never tried before!”
    Glow Puzzle (iPhone) – “Glow Puzzle is simple yet very addictive neon themed puzzler.”
    Real Steel (Universal) – “Players lead their robot to greatness, fighting off steel opponents weighing over 2,000 pounds and reaching up to 8 feet tall.”
    War of Reproduction (iPhone) – “The basic instinct of sperm towards procreation begins!”
    Liquid Sketch (iPad) – “Solve puzzles using beautifully colored, unbelievably realistic liquid! Rotate your device to pour, use your fingers to splash around or build bridges and pipes with blocks.”


    Easy bits isn’t free. They’re selling it for $1.99.


    I don’t have an iPad yet, but I plan to get one in the future. Is there a way to download or “buy” these now for free, so that I can install them later? Thanks

      Subin Mathew

      Im not sure I think you can do so in pc version of iTunes just download them but not install but don’t quote me.


      Yes you can purchase iPad apps even if you don’t own one. You can purchase them via iTunes on Mac or PC and download them. They will always be available either in your iTunes library or of course are always stored in iCloud – so that when you finally get an iPad you can download them to the device.. easy! I am planning on purchasing an iPad at the next rev. and I have been picking up free and heavily discounted apps that are iPad only for the past year in anticipation :-D


    Thanks a lot, just saw this post in time, and downloaded most of the stuff. Easybits isn’t free like someone mentioned. Cheers.


    The forex premium app isn’t free, either

    Nama Andy

    Peggle is also free dudes


    dead space link is wrong. When you click on dead space, it will take you to Barefoot World Atlas’s page.


    Just downloaded Peggle , Mirror’s edge for free . Flight control and Sims medieval are free to. Maybe even more eagames but cant find a list.


    Your Dead Space link is for the Barefoot World Atlas. It can be found by searching on iTunes, though.


    Sims Mideival is free!

    Install Windows 8 on Mac

    It will detect any spyware or possible malicious application.
    Though it may seem like what we do online is private, there are actually many ways in
    which we lose privacy online. It’s not unusual to leave the computer in sleep mode for hours and see very little change in battery status.


    When I try to download these on appstore on my mobile (iphone 5) or ipad mini they still come up as ‘paid’- for instance, ‘how to cook eveything’ (the essentials one is free admitedly), ‘Traktor DJ’, ‘Day One’, and ‘Map my ride’. Does it not charge me if I just download?


    I’ve tried downloading some of these apps from appstore on my iphone and ipad, and they still show as paid. I’m in the UK. Has this offer expired? Or, do these apps still show their actual value during this offer period?- so I can download them, however, won’t be charged?



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