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How to Locate Your Lost Phone Even With a Dead Battery

Posted November 11, 2012 by in Android

How to locate my phone  ? Is that what you are wondering right now whether its a iPhone or an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy S3 this app will find it for you if you ever loose it .


Lookout Mobile, a security company that puts a high value on the protection and location of your phone, has revamped its app and included a new feature that lets you locate your phone regardless of whether it is turned on or not. The company was founded by three researchers of mobile security named John Hering, James Burgess and Kevin Mahaffey who met at the University of Southern California. Their early research led them to the conclusion that mobile users would be faced with more and more threats and to protect them, a new method of security would be required. Their company is dedicated to the protection off smartphones.

The app operates in a way that is similar to the ‘Find my iPhone’ app but with the latter, once your misplaced or stolen phone loses power, there is no way to locate it. Thanks to Signal Flare, Lookout Mobile’s newest feature, the phone has a better chance of being found even when they battery is all out of power. It is said that Lookout’s most popular feature in their security app is the missing device locator but a large chunk of them still wind up not being able to locate their lost phones because the battery is dead.

How it Works

Before a phone loses power entirely, it sends out a sort of distress signal which tells the tower that it is on its last legs and that it will be the final signal it will send out and in the process, the location of where the phone sent the last signal will be recorded. The owner of the said phone now has the choice to go the location and get their phone if it stays in the same place. This can also prove useful for those who seem to misplace their RingCentral business phones by forgetting that they put them in a drawer or if they fall from pockets. It is an opt-in feature since it monitors your GPS and it will send you those last signals via e-mail which means that you will not be disturbed if your phone simply loses battery power while in your possession.

Changes Made

Aside from adding Signal Fire to the app, they also placed a built-in feature that safeguards phones against a new form of attack that lets others enter man-machine-interface codes into a URL that can reset the phone and other non-devastating yet inconvenient actions. It was initially released for Android devices but now has added iOS to its roster, which means that it can used on iPhones and iPads.

The premium version of their Android app has all the features available on the free service but also includes real time scans of each website you visit, as well as blocking sites that put you at risk for phishing and malware. You may also remotely lock the phone and wipe private data if you feel like your device is at risk.


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