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Popular Note-Taking Platform Evernote Makes Plans to Improve Service and Skitch

Posted November 29, 2012 by in Mac

Evernote is currently one of the most popular means of note-taking and note-sharing synchronization online. And we’re not just referring to Evernote’s App, which has well over 12.5 million users over the last year alone. Evernote has become the go-to system for note-taking among businessmen and employees all over the world who need an all-around app that can clip pages and articles, as well as store text notes video notes, and voice notes—virtually everything. Not only is it able to synchronize notes and data gathered from every device a user owns, but it can also traverse platforms, functioning in both Android and iOS without a hitch.

Being able to use this kind of system not only to organize but also to share material is incredibly useful, especially to people who conduct most of their business and discussions online. Employees within a virtual office, for instance, find this incredibly useful in terms of recording and sharing important data, able to flip back to it using any device, and then accessing it again on their home computers.

Evernote gears up for bigger improvements on Mac

Evernote is the dream app for chronic note-takers and comes highly recommended by virtually everyone who has ever tried it. It is therefore not a surprise that the company recently announced that they are taking even bigger steps to improve their service.

Starting with an upgrade for Mac, Evernote 5 announced that it will have around 100 new features, which in itself is incredibly ambitious. Evernote already seems to be able to do everything we’d expect a note-taking program can do, so what more can it offer us? In the announcement, they included the following list of things we should expect from the new and improved Evernote:

Redesign – For a long time, the UI of Evernote has been generally the same, but Evernote 5 for Mac will be undergoing a drastic redesign that has some users worried. They’re hoping that even if there is a major redesign in the interface (the focus will be on navigation this time, so that everyone will be able to sift through all their notes and clips more easily) it wouldn’t be too difficult to get used to.

Unified inbox changeIn the initial screen of Evernote, which has been changed color from gray to blue, there will be options for Shortcuts, Recent Notes, and the Unified Inbox as well as the notebooks. Personal and shared notebooks will be integrated into a single layout, allowing users to view all pads simultaneously.

Atlas This is a new function in Evernote, which is a geographic view of your notes. This will be useful to traveling note-takers, who would be able to see where notes were taken and how many there are through indicated flaglets on maps that could be sorted by state, country, or continent.

Upgrades on Skitch

Users can also expect some upgrades on Evernote’s picture app acquisition Skitch, which allows users to take photos and jot notes on them, and then save the resulting file on Evernote. Recently, there have been changes in Skitch owing to an upgrade. Public outcry followed at the loss of some features, but Evernote has issued a statement saying that the new Skitch is being completely rewritten, and that they are steadily working to return beloved Skitch features to users.

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