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Which Note Taking App is Best for You?

Posted November 11, 2012 by in Android

One of the main functions of an iPhone or Android phone is for taking quick notes without the need for pen and paper. Every smartphone has a native app that lets you do just that and possibly a bit more like attach alarms to the items on a note, but that’s about it.

If you’re looking for something prettier, more functional or just different from the native app, take a look at these apps:

Evernote. (Free with paid upgrades)

This one is the more functional out of all the other note-taking apps. For the free version, you get 10 ‘notebooks’ where you get to put your notes in. Within a notebook, you can make lists, write in business phone numbers, set alarms for tasks and tap in reminders. You can take a picture to include in your notes or record sound and video. All of this integrated into your notebooks that can also be uploaded into the cloud. That’s right, if your PC, laptop or Mac has the Evernote app, you can sync all your notes on your devices, with changes reflected every time you log into your account. Paying for the app lets you make as many notes as you want and sync endlessly.

AwesomeNote. (Free with paid upgrades)

This note-taking app looks a bit complicated with all the tabs and the colors, but it also gives you lots of functionality. Instead of notebooks, you have folders that pertain to note groupings. From there, you can tap in text, take pictures and even have cute post-it graphics that you can write on. You can still take pictures but it doesn’t offer the great syncing properties that Evernote has. What it can do is email you a note or parts of your note. You can also use your email to add notes that you can access at a later time. The free version gives you limited space for your notes while an upgrade gives you more space and syncing capabilities.

SimpleNote. (Free)

Unlike AwesomeNote and Evernote, Simplenote uses tags to organize your notes. It doesn’t have notebooks or tabs, but you can actually search your notes for something you want to bring up easily. This one is simpler than the others and if you’re looking for something a little no-nonsense, then this is the one for you.

MS OneNote. (Paid)

Another simpler app that had great syncing with Microsoft Office, MS OneNote is like a mini-word processor that works automatically when you save your notes. It can group them intuitively into the projects you’re currently working on as long as you specified them. This app also lets you open the notes on your laptop or PC thanks to its own versions for other devices.


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