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Tablets Will Rule Next

Posted November 29, 2012 by in Digital Technologies

While smartphones are the current rage among tech savvy users and consumers, it will come to appoint where eventually, all the technology present in mobile phones and web-accessible devices like PCs, will be found in the tablet — and even be more useful for business. In all likeliness, Internet traffic generated from tablets will exceed the traffic from smartphones in 2014.

This is how software giant, Adobe predicts the shift to go basing from the survey it has released recently. However, the recent survey results also show that smartphone data traffic has been growing at an exponential rate and is predicted to be the first device most people in developing countries will be using to access the Internet for the first time. The survey also shows a number of other noteworthy points:

  • People find browsing websites on tablets as engaging as doing so on PCs.
  • Laptops still dominate in terms of Internet traffic but tablets will grow at a faster rate.
  • Tablets have become a channel very distinct from smartphones.
  • Tablet users spend more per purchase than other online customers.
  • Social Media has reached maturity and consumers are shifting to it for information.

The Big Shift

Current statistics culled from an earlier research made by Trendstream (London) points out that the share of website visits from tablets grew approximately 10 times faster than the rate for smartphones in the first two years following market introduction, and grew more than 300 per cent last year.

This clearly illustrates the connection between smartphones and tablets to consumer behavior towards online marketing stimuli. In the same vein, the research also highlights the comparison between tablet use as opposed to smartphone use and the former’s impact on the latter as a web-access and telecom tool. The next couple of years are thus expected to usher in the big shift by smartphone business users to tablets as a main web access tool.  Telecom technology experts view this potential turnabout to be the outcome of the following factors:

  • The ongoing BYOD trend evident in companies. More and more companies are reconfiguring their IT infrastructures to secure corporate information from possible online breaches as employee-owned mobile devices become more prevalent in workplaces. Such devices interacting with company IT infra makes the latter susceptible to corporate info leaks. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies are now being crafted by companies to address this issue. Tablets happen to be the most preferred mobile device by employees right now.
  • Tablets are in the same price range as smartphones. Employees view tablets as a smarter choice in terms of practicality and cost-efficiency since most tablets cost just as much as smartphones now. Stationary and mobile employees find tablets just as useful and reliable as PCs. The tech trend will surely be headed towards new variations of smartphones being designed to perform online tasks the way tablets are capable of and this can be gleaned from current “phablet” models now in the market.
  • Mobile apps for VoIP functionalities are readily available. Most company business VoIP systems have mobile applications that can enable tablets to run compatibly with the entire system. VoIP service providers include free software for mobile apps as part of its service plans.
  • Business productivity apps are in abundance. There are currently hundreds of apps available online for download or those that can be bought at premium prices for tablet users to choose from. Depending on what tasks they need to accomplish and what technology platform users prefer, apps makers will continue to make them available.

Given the above-mentioned information, it is safe to assume that business-inclined users will be gravitating towards tablets as a preferred business productivity tool and will gain even wider use in workplaces in a couple of years’ time.

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