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Microsoft Surface the next iPad

Posted October 25, 2012 by Subin Mathew in Tablet
Microsoft is investing in the future of computing and that is believed to be in tablets, and this is why the company has created the Microsoft Surface tablet in order to compete with other popular brands such as Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. This amazing device will be available in two different types, one which targets general people while the other is a Professional version – Microsoft iPad.

Surface with Windows RTSurface with Windows RTSurface with Windows RTSurface with Windows RT



Everyone knows that the technology industry has rapidly evolved in the past couple of years thanks to innovators like Steve Jobs.  The direction of this industry is unpredictable and rapid.  Computers tend to be no longer just a huge machine placed on the table but instead extensive accessories which are smart and powerful enough to do cool things such as play fruit ninja or angry birds on the go specifically gadgets such as smart phones and tables .

From workplace to residing bedroom, little screen to big screen, touch to voice, the surface enables you to see a lot more, share more and do a good deal a lot more.This wonderful tablet lets you create new possibilities, collaborate alongside others and also get things done with workplace. The surface comes with fast, dynamic Windows 8 apps. You will be able to easily discover brand new movies, music and additionally play games in the Windows or use Smart Glass feature to turn your Xbox into a first class home entertainment system.


Surface will present the feel of a premium gadget giving a single, exciting experience. It is specially tuned, visualized, created as well as designed by considered one of the best Microsoft employees. The all new Surface tablet is definitely a beauty to behold. It has a 16:9 widescreen HD Show. The ClearType HD Display technologies related with Microsoft delivers a great mental picture quality for movies.
It has an ultra-wide watching angle that makes it really effortless for your friends to share inside the pulsating experience. With its auto adjusting screen intensity you are able to experience great visual effects both inside as well as out. There is also some sort of additional Micro SD card slot that means which you can quickly take the entire motion picture and also music collection alongside you anyplace wherever you go.

It is amazingly slim, light weight and has now extraordinary battery life. It enables you to print well and additionally share files with other equipment. You are able to even charge your phone on the go. The tablet additionally comes with some sort of included Kickstand and also has a pioneering 3mm thin stress sensitive cover that performs a dual function as a completely functioning keyboard and trackpad.

The Touch Cover can easily be linked to your Surface by way of a attractive magnetic click. This enables you to chat alongside close friends and react to emails well and promptly.
The Texture also comes alongside two cameras. The front LifeCam can easily be applied to chat alongside other individuals. Its rear-facing LifeCam is angled to twenty-two levels in order to flip away the Kickstand as well as quickly record events with the hands free. It has significant audio speakers as well as double mics that give you an incredible seem experience.
It has a precision crafted VaporMg casing that protects the root tech inside and in addition provides a tall high quality finish and additionally feel. The touch cover comes in 5 gorgeous colors. You are able to pick out the one that matches your style as well as meets every one of the your requirements. All in every I would say that with these breathtaking attributes, you will be today done for anything.

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