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Traditional marketing has grown to be such a limited way of making the products or services your company offers reach your target market. This has nothing to do about traditional marketing’s ineptness or unreliability, however. It is just that new technologies have innovated marketing procedures and methodologies that get to consumers faster and more conveniently. These are marketing processes that make use of digital or online technology — the web. Traditional media like TV, radio, and print are simply no match to the real-time accessibility of web marketing information. This is a matter of who’s controlling what by way of information and data. Whereas TV, radio and print manage information flow from journalist to the public, the web has the capability to reverse that premise.

Social media, for example, influences its users not so much by information coming from expert opinion or tech journalism, but by way of social circle interaction. A typical user makes buying decisions after getting a certain amount of reliable recommendation from friends about best buys, pricing, store locations, deals, and the like. How consumers make decisions like this has influenced the way retailers make themselves part of social media. It is professional content reacting to consumer behavior rather than expert opinion influencing consumer decisions.

New forms of interaction

Digital marketing leverages on the Internet and mobile technology to create new forms of interaction with consumers. Professional content in websites account for much of the data and information accessed by potential consumers making open browser searches. Email marketing has for years been found by many retailers to still be relevant among online-prone consumers along with the various e-commerce retail and auction sites that are useful to manufacturers and customers alike.

Search engine optimized content found in professional blogs are reliable sources of buyer-useful information and can make technology easier to understand for the average consumer seeking good purchasing advice from “peers.” Text promos also make up a large amount of the SMS-driven marketing among mobile device users. Social media, mobile apps and display ads have also become the indispensable online mobile device-marketing combo many companies are currently focusing on. If you are a business owner considering digital marketing options, you need to get a good grasp of how to go about it. There is a serious need to understand the basic ideas involved in such and you may find out about them below:

  • The knowledge about keywords. Copy or textual information found in professional blogs and websites are written in such a way that search engines in open web browsers can easily detect and feature them as results and link builders accessible to users making data searches. Companies and their IT people determine what keywords online searchers commonly use or are most likely to type in when seeking info via search engine browsers. Your company can benefit from knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO) so that customers get easy access to your site.
  • Measurability. Website visits; social media virality, and real-time interactivity can be measured by analytics to provide companies with information that quantifies consumer involvement in the company’s retail efforts. How marketing people analyze statistics regarding online consumer behavior becomes serviceable gauge that can guide subsequent marketing efforts, growth areas, and product/business development. Traditional media has no way of successfully achieving this kind of marketing measurability.
  • The ability to target specific customers. Digital marketing via websites, mobile apps, and social media can be managed to convey content geared towards a specific sector of the market, consumer group, or niche. By encouraging users to like your brand’s Face book page, for example, you are likely to attract a certain group of people and their peers in their social media circle to pay attention to your presence. Presenting relevant material like interesting pictures, videos or music on social media offers you the opportunity to have such material going viral. As users share your material with their online social circle, it is most likely that peers and friends exposed to such are of the same demographic content relevant to your brand’s target.

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