Dota 2 Update Problem fix

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Cant paly dota tonight ?

Update constantly increasing to infinity ? Well your in the same boat this should fix your dota :)


Probably just your anti-virus palying up, turn it off and restart your steam and wait for the update to finish.

Avast seems to be the big problem at the moment maybe other av too not sure,

Solution posted by them


1st detects Win32:Evo-gen inside vtex.exe as suspect and moves it to quarantine, but no virus found on proper second scan on that file. if you use avast too and have this problem, help everyone by reporting the file as a false positive, adding the file to exceptions wont work as a fix cause as soon as you download it again avast will lock it.

click on “show hiden icons” near the clock, double click avast icon, go to the tab “Settings”, then second tab “Active Protection”, then click on the (settings) icon ahead of “File System Shield”, now go to the tab “Exclusions” and add the folder that steam is using for downloads —> *SteamSteamAppsdownloading (yes, with the asterisc)
or try the full path, should be something like this:
C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppsdownloading570bin



a better discussion there

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