How to Hack Your Virtual Office’s Operational Costs Down to $40 a Month

Posted December 27, 2012 by in Business

A virtual office is already a great way to save money, but what if you can actually drive your monthly operational costs down to $40 a month? It’s possible, and many companies are already doing it. Find out how:

Online Storage

Cost: Free! (upgradable)

With all the files, documents, images, and videos you’re constantly downloading off the Internet, you’re bound to run out of local storage sooner or later. Now this can be a big problem. You don’t want to put every single important file at risk by storing it in one single place, especially if you’re idea of storage is your 5 year-old laptop.

Sure, you can always buy an external drive and use it as backup, but an external HD is twice as vulnerable to corruption and malfunction. All it takes is one coffee spill and you can say goodbye to your spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and your Spice Girls mp3 collection.

What better way to store your critical information than on the Internet? It’s secure and far more reliable than local storage. In fact, you’re more likely to have your files infected by a virus than lose it in the cloud. Your files can also be accessed by more than one user, making it a great way to share monthly reports, spreadsheets, presentations, and cute kitty pictures.

Despite its fluffy name, cloud technology is no laughing matter. In fact, on a sample of 3200 companies from 80 countries, 86% use more than one type of cloud service.

If you’re running an SMB, 1 terabyte should be enough to accommodate your precious files and documents. Sites such as box, google drive, and dropbox provide 5GB of free storage right off.

Advertise on Facebook
Cost: $3 – $20

You’ve got to advertise if you want to get word out on your business. However, television ads are too expensive, while radio and print ads only reach a limited audience. The next best thing you have is the Internet. We won’t be talking about SEO today since we’re on a budget, although real search engine optimization is a perfectly good way to get your site seen.

We’re talking more along the lines of promoting your business on Facebook by using the newly released, “promote post” feature. Unlike regular Facebook ads, a promoted feature shows up more often on your friends’ timelines, giving your business more airtime. It’s also way cheaper than posting an actual ad on Facebook.

Sign up for a professional VoIP phone service

Cost: $9.99, upgradable

instead of using a regular land line to handle calls and paying for hefty long distance charges, why not just sign up for a professional VoIP phone service? VoIP is short for voice over internet protocol. It lets users transmit voice signals over the net in real time.

VoIP not only lets you make outgoing calls over the net, you can make it appear as if you were calling from your local number even when you’re not in the office. The best part is all calls made to you are toll-free.

While we’re at it, why not include an 800 number in your subscription? That’s right. You can actually get a toll-free number. Ring Central has some really great pricing schemes. Their features also come with a ton of features to give your business a professional feel.

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