Must-Have VoIP Services for Small Businesses

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VoIP systems for small and medium sized businesses are now being called the best successor of the traditional phone service due to its more sophisticated yet affordable solutions. Researching about services today is probably one of the best things you can do for your business to take a good look at the pros and cons. From there, you could easily determine which one is right for you.

The most compelling reason known why VoIP services are suitable for small and medium scale businesses is its affordability. VoIP technology saves costs on local and long-distance calls, including both domestic and international calls. If your business has many branches, within the country or even overseas, then it makes a lot of sense to go in for a VoIP solution.

Another notable advantage of VoIP over traditional phone services is the integrated communications solution that it provides. With a business VoIP phone, it is possible to:

  • make cheap domestic and international voice calls
  • take advantage of both audio and video conferencing
  • have features like call forwarding and call waiting
  • have voice messages and fax messages sent to your email address

The availability of most services usually depends on the provider. So its better to get one because a quality VoIP system is the best solution for communications even in small businesses. Using it can take your business to the next level and beat your competitors in town. You are assured that you get the most out your money on the way to success.  Below are some of the VoIP communication services which small and medium sized businesses must have.


VoIP system is relatively complex. Training will allow not only you as the business owner but also your staff to maximize the full range of features provided in the service.

Uptime Guarantee

VoIP technology is highly dependent on electricity and the Internet connection. When both of these go down, your system will not work as well. Your supplier should provide your with alternate solutions to these issues.

No Upfront

Devices easily go out-of-date, so as the VoIP hardware. But you don’t need to purchase your own. It should be supplied by your VoIP provider. It should be included in your monthly payment program.

Customer care

A VoIP has a ‘live’ nature or 24/7 service. Thus it necessarily follows that your provider must have a round the clock customer service in case there will be a concern on your system.


This is essential to computer-based systems like VoIP because technologies continuously improve and change while software update regularly. Frequent maintenance, future-proofing and updating should be part of your provider’s package.


Security issues may arise in a VoIP system because it uses the Internet and computers which are prone to viruses and malwares. The best VoIP business systems use the fastest speed dedicated servers with multiple layers of Internet security protection, and a range of sophisticated communication security protocols. Privacy and security issues cannot be taken for granted with VoIP. There is no reason why your business should be at risk.

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