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Latest iPhone finance apps for business users

Posted November 8, 2012 by emily27 in Apps

Though many smartphones were released into the tech market, the iPhone has its own speciality which is why everyone wishes to have one. It has well-designed features and easy-to-use applications. Distinct categorised apps are available on the iPhone such as finance, business, entertainment, games, appslifestyle & health and so on. Finance and business tools on iPhone help to maintain business budgets & expenses in unison. If you are confused with which financial apps you should download, then here are some of the latest useful applications.


Bloomberg enables you to access all tracking tools of finance, finance news, portfolios and market information. Bloomberg Television live and Bloomberg radio are the favourites in this app. These help you in getting the latest updates in the market like trade index, currencies, funds, bonds and technology etc. It also has an ability your you to share updates, videos and articles via Twitter & Facebook.


iReconcile include features like a checkbook, reporting and budgeting as it helps to manage professional expenses easier. It serves you in many ways such as splitting transactions into categories by keeping expenses and reports correct. You can transfer an amount from one account to another easily, search easily by categorisation or payee, transactions made are saved and customised often. The app also keeps data safe and secure by backing everything up.


Expenditure is one of the finest financial applications available currently. It is a simple, concise and sufficient expenses tracking tool. Add your transactions by attaching a note or a picture effortlessly. It categorises all your expenses and keeps a record of them. You can import your transactions to spreadsheets and email if needed. It has password protection to keep your transactions safe.


It is one of the powerful financial tools featured with a simple, well designed and easy-to-use interface. It handles both expenses and income by customising them into categories. You can edit & view data anywhere and anytime. Transaction reports can be mailed through e-mail. It acts as a switch amongst your salary and budget.


If you often go on business travel, then Expensify is one of the best applications to manage all expenses include travel, air tickets, food etc. Using this tool you can synchronise and track expenses made with bank accounts and credit cards. It pulls the merchant details and transaction amount by scanning snaps of your receipts. Your expense report can be converted to PDF files and email it to approved addresses.


Mint can be accessed from anywhere by opening a free account. Add details of your bank, credit cards and other accounts. It categorises and organises all transactions in a safe and secure manner. It enables you to budget, manage and track your income at one place. It gives you a clear picture of expenses in graphical view. Don’t panic if you misplace your smartphone and simply disable its access from a desktop to prevent illegal access.

The above financial apps will help you to manage and organise your finances often even if you are busy in life. Most mobile network providers offer affordable contracts for those with good credit ratings to help you own an iPhone. If your credit rating is poor you may be able to use a bad debt loan to finance your new iPhone.

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