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How to get full Windows 8 for free !

Posted October 26, 2012 by Subin Mathew in blogger

How to get Windows 8 for free !

This guide will show you how to get a free full copy of Windows 8 if you are a student  without paying a penny. Windows 8 has been recently released and this is the best solution get your free copy.

Windows 8 is the newest piece of software released by Microsoft and if you want to become part of the revolution you must get yourself this piece of technology as it is a complete new learning curve. If you do not do this now it will be too late in the future as everyone else will be ahead of you so do this to keep up with technology as it evolves quicker than your DNA.

Requirements : You have to be a tertiary , university or college student , and your campus needs to be partnered up with Dream Spark – Microsoft initiative ( if you dont know try anyways)

First go to

Onthehub – Microsoft

Then search for your school / college

If your college is partnered up you can use your university login to download Windows 8

Remember you will only get ONE serial key , so keep it safe


Enjoy your free copy of Windows 8



Also For a limited time, get Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free 

Remember to backup all your documents before you make an upgrade and also check your system compatibility , if you purchased a computer or laptop in the last 2 years it should be fine but still go through the requirements as shown in the image above.

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