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How to get Windows 8.1 Update

Posted June 17, 2013 by Subin Mathew in blogger

Releases on the 26th of June



Microsoft has promised an exciting update for Windows 8 that will bring back the start button and many changes and fixes. Mind you if you dont have Windows 8 You can get it for free  ( not all of you ).

For a quick overview on Windows 8.1 :

  • Improved search – no longer have to click on apps of software

  • Slideshow on Lock screen

  • More variety of  backgrounds

  • Different tile sizes

  • Enhanced apps

  • Sync directly to SkyDrive

Now if you are wondering how to get it , it’s actually quite simple all you have to do is wait until they release it and enter into the Microsoft Market and tick the upgrade box. Note it will take time for the update to propagate throughout the world just hold out a little longer :).


Windows 8.1 Requirements

Windows 8.1 languages

Upgrade to Windows 8.1 will check the system if update is necessary

Windows 8.1 can be downloaded as an ISO or through the Store

Installing from the Store will upgrade the existing Windows 8 OS on that partition to Windows 8.1 Preview

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The update via Windows Market Store can be followed through these steps:

  • 1) Start by installing update package from the Windows 8.1 Preview Download page.
  • 2)Restart after installing the update above, a system notification will offer Windows 8.1 Preview. You can also open the Store app to access the Windows 8.1 Preview description page.
  • 3)Click Download on the Windows 8.1 Preview page to begin the update. Progress is shown similar to what you see for a Windows Store app. If you select the in-progress Windows 8.1 Preview install, the app bar gives you an option to Cancel the installation.
    From here the installation works like a Windows 8 Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) installation, also called web setup. There is no interaction needed until after the restart. Note: Once you reach the Downloading step, you can troubleshoot issues as you would Windows 8 setup. Windows setup is running beneath this interface, and the file actions and logging match that for Windows 8. Additional troubleshooting notes are provided in VKB.
  • 4)When the first part of the update is complete, you will see a system notification to restart the PC. This includes a timer to restart automatically.
  • 5)After the restart, typical Windows setup progress screens are shown.
  • 6)Next you will see a license agreement to accept.
  • 7)Next are thesteps of theOut of Box Experience (OOBE). This follows the same Express/Customize workflow as Windows 8 setup.
  • 8)When completeyou will be able to sign in Windows. Note: This notification provides access to the Windows 8.1 Preview page in the Store, even if you are not signed-in with a Microsoft Account.

how to get windows 8.1


If you wanted to see a video here is a good one showing the basic new features of windows 8.1

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