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Runescape Reflection bot Alternatives for Free Color Bot

Posted October 22, 2011 by Subin Mathew in blogger
Some free working runescape reflection bot alternatives non reflection based  instead of rsbot, powerbot, rsbuddy etc after jagex updated the game and got rid of injection based methods . These color bots (colour) are very effective and are constantly updated. 

Well I Heard that runescape just killed most of the reflection (  java ) based bots .

Fear not there are epic communities ( well one main one ) out there that use colour and image based manipulation to bot auto . And these also do not hack or inject methods into the client . So happy botting .

The first one is called SRL Simba – Scar the daddy of all runecape botting even though most people dont know it , Its been out there since long time 2004 and it revolutionised botting on runescape. Eventually java bots were released and more people moved onto them because they were much easier to script. But some epic scripters still sticked around and kept the community going … and guess what it payed off for this very moment :D.

Remember dont Troll on SRL – Forums you will get banned !! 

Link to SRL is here  hosted on Villavu

Here is a video of it working in action  :


Many working scripts can be found on Villavu forums
The scripts are run on Simba which can be found here (free not to mention ) .

2012 Edit :

Another great alternative to Simba , SRL is Scar

Scar was originally the first successful color bot on runescape , recently it has been maintained by a new developer names Freddy he has done a great job so far. Scar has many includes including OSI ( official scar include ) that includes many functions for Runescape . Scar not only support runescape but also games such as Seafight auto . Just prove scar is powerful i am going to include a video to their recent Sudoku bot which of course is free once you registered at their site.

Another  alternative ( not recommended ) :

RiD ( Robots in Disguize ) is also an alternative but  not free, go google it you noob xD.


Edit : 2013


There are numerous changes in the world of runescape starting with private servers, this year there has been an influ of private server releases such as 06scape , 2006scape, projectrs06 ,pr06 and Jagex them selves have brought back 07 scape or 2007 runescape . These time eras where great for color bots and these communities are still useful for botting.

I dont play runescape -.-

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    i botted so much i maxed all my skils did no legit but then lvl 98 ti 99 fletching got baned so this bot fails!


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    Pretty good bot. lol at the comments above, losers


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