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What is a Android ?

Posted April 6, 2012 by Subin Mathew in blogger

What is a Android ?

what is a android

If your are not  living under a rock you must’ve heard this name before right ? Well if you haven’t I will explain what it is to you .

Android is a software stack based on Linux and its open source Developed by Google.  Simple put it its an operating system like windows but for a smart phones and tablets like Samsung Galaxy SII .

So you might wonder why it is so popular , well simply put it it has a lot of function to make your life easier and fun .  Have a look at the video .

What’s so special about Android ?
Android offers you the optimum Smartphone experience. With more than 250,000 FREE apps, Android Market™ has the right ones for you. Additionally, enjoy the exclusive features provided only by Android:
Android Powered Phone
Android-powered phone:
- Sync your contacts easily and quickly through Gmail
- Have instant access to your email
- Register several email accounts on the device
- Switch between apps simply and conveniently
Quick and easy browsing 
- Fast, powerful and easy, just like on your computer
- View multiple open pages at once
- Full Flash support
- Use incognito mode to browse privately 
- Sync your Google Chrome bookmarks
Connect with friends and family 
- Shoot, edit and share photos and videos quickly
- Access social networks easily 
- Socialize through Google+
- Chat using Google Talk
Customize it your way
- Unlimited customization and personalization optio
- Widgets right from your home screen
And many more features
Maps with Places and Latitude
A user-friendly interface that you will enjoy
Voice-Typing features where you can control your Android device with your voice, in English or in Arabic.

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