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Is Nokia asking for a lawsuit from Apple ?

Will Apple be suing Nokia for its latest release of Nokia N1 tablet that closely resembles the iPad Mini, claiming the company copied its iPad and iPhone design.  At a single glance the resemblance between the two products is ...

How to increase the performance of iPhone 4S for iOS 8.1 , 8.0

iOS 8.1 performance guide for iPhone 4S First of all you need to jailbreak your iPhone , there are tons of guides out there that describes this process on the internet.   Today’s NoBlur updatemade step 3 of this guid...
Amazon Echo

The new Amazon Echo that sounds like a parody but not.

  Amazon Echo the AI with voice recognition, cloud-connected speaker for your home. With seven microphones enabled it can detect your voice from anywhere in the room apparently. But can it really live up to its reputation ...

How to insert SIM card in iPhone 6

This guide will show you how to insert your SIM card into your new iPhone 6. Apple iPhone 6 uses a nano sim so your conventional SIM card cannot be used. But don’t worry a trip to your local service provider should immediate...

How Google and Nest will combine to control your home

  Interacting with Google has always meant making something happen on a screen–getting a search result, sending an email, adding a calendar event. But this fall, giving Google a command will have immediate consequences i...

Whats new in iPhone 5S

Well its that time of the year again , the hype is here so lets analyze whats new in the iPhone 5S and iOS 7. Lets start off with the new changes in iPhone 5S Finger print scanner   These are some images showing the finger...

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