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Naturally Illuminating Trees without electricity

Have you ever imagined walking down the streets at night with nothing else illuminating other than natural bio luminance of trees, yes that is a pretty cool concept and many of us have seen it in the well known movie Avatar dir...

Smart Energy Solutions for Home Area Networks

Smart Energy Solutions for Home Area Networks   One of the advantages in using a Home Area Network (HAN) is safety of your home electronics. When you have a local networking of a few of electronic devices in your building ...

How Hydraulic Power Works

How Hydraulic Works: Hydraulic force is a theory that is used in all areas of science. It is a basic machine that works on the principle of pressure applied by liquids. The hydraulic piston was invented to fulfill the need for ...

Cool Solar Gadgets

Cool Solar Gadgets Solar energy is readily available and the sun is a limitless source of energy. As of now, it is being utilized to provide electricity and heat water for residential and commercial buildings. However, solar en...

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