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Is Nokia asking for a lawsuit from Apple ?

Will Apple be suing Nokia for its latest release of Nokia N1 tablet that closely resembles the iPad Mini, claiming the company copied its iPad and iPhone design.  At a single glance the resemblance between the two products is ...


Bring on the Housewives, Oprah Endorses Microsoft Surface

As far as we could tell, the demographics of tablet buyers are pretty much clear cut. Users tend to be part of the younger generation who, either through their own earnings or from their parents’ earnings, make use of the tab...


The Ultranote: Using Windows 8 to Its Full Potential

The numbers don’t lie: the tablet market is growing steadily. There’s a great demand for these gadgets, which are not quite as large or bulky as laptops and yet can do as many of their essential functions. Lightweight, port...


Microsoft Surface the next iPad

Microsoft is investing in the future of computing and that is believed to be in tablets, and this is why the company has created the Microsoft Surface tablet in order to compete with other popular brands such as Apple iPad and ...