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The Next Digital Age

  Imagine a Digital Age where there is no restriction on data, you can do much as you want and not worry if its too large. That where we are heading to in the next couple of years with 1080p  videos , 4K data format and 8...

Rise and fall of Online Empires

  Find out


Apple: Too Big to Fail?

  Apple has gone from a niche company to one of the leading names in consumer electronics and computer, but just how big is the company? You’d think yourself pretty big if your total sales for last year were over $12...


Online Data Backup

How often do you back your data up? What data do you consider important enough to back up regularly? Or are you the kind of person who thinks that his data is invincible and does not really see the need to back up? I have to be...


10 Ways Robots And Automation Are Bringing Jobs Back To The US

Robots and automation are often thought to take away from manufacturing jobs in the US. KUKA Robotics, a global manufacturer of industrial robots, has put together the following infographic in an attempt to put that thought pro...